Which study are you interested in?

What is the purpose of this study?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an atmosphere of panic and uncertainty about the future, which has left many of us feeling stressed and isolated. In this study, we would like to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you and your desire to change your nicotine use.

Research has shown that maintaining social connections can improve our health and help us cope with stress. As we are all encouraged to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all experiencing changes to the way we socialize with others. We want to understand whether people’s social needs are being met and understand how our social lives may influence our moods, our behaviors, and our nicotine use.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to feel stressed and isolated. This can have a significant impact on our health and make it more difficult to change our habits, including cutting down on smoking.

In this study, we want to understand how COVID-19 has  affected you, your health, and your nicotine use.


In this project, instead of just relying on surveys, we want you to be able to tell us about your own experiences, in your own words.

Researchers usually do this by in-person interviews, but in this study, we will use computers to ask you these questions and allow you to answer on your own, in private, and without needing to leave home.


We do not know what the lasting effects of this pandemic will be. We want to ask you questions over over the next few months to understand how COVID-19 has affected your life and whether that changes over time. 

Just taking 10-15 minutes every couple of weeks to help will make a huge difference.


What should I expect?

This study will ask you to answer questions using secure online software which is specifically designed for researchers to collect data from all over the world while protecting their privacy and confidentiality.



Once you click the link to sign up, you will be taken to our research platform, called Storyline. You will be asked to create a profile and shown this study’s informed consent. This will give you a chance to read about our study and decide whether or not you would like to take part




We will ask you to answer questions and make short videos to learn more about you, your social relationships, your mood, and your behaviors. This should take about 15 minutes.



We would like to collect this data from you each month which should only take you around 10-15 minutes to complete. We would like to collect surveys from you for 3 months. But, remember, your participation is entirely voluntary and you can stop at any time.


Surveys are simple, people are not

While surveys are wonderful ways to learn more about people’s experiences, we miss out on a lot of detail when we rely solely on questionnaires. By allowing people to express themselves through video, we are able to add a human voice to our survey results.

What kinds of video questions will I be asked?

We will ask you around three video type questions each time.  These will be open-ended questions, for example:  ‘How are you feeling today?’

We will also ask you questions about your day to day routines, your goals, and about your opinions and attitudes.

We would also like to learn more about your nicotine use and why you are thinking about changing your use.

These questions should only take 1 to 2 minutes to answer.  To learn more, click below and read more about this study.

Click here to read the consent for this study

Who will watch these videos?

Short answer – computers! So, there’s no need to worry about the PJ’s you are wearing (we are probably in ours too!) or your quarantine hair because, while our research team will have access to your videos, your data will be anonymously coded and analyzed using machine learning techniques.

These techniques can automatically transcribe what you are saying and get details about how and what you were expressing without us needing to individually view your videos.

How will my data be protected?

The research platform we will use in this study is called Storyline Health.  Storyline meets all of the world’s leading requirements for managing health care data, including HIPAA, GDPR and CAPP.  To protect your data:

Your personal information will be encrypted and protected with military grade security features.

No one outside of the research team will know what answers you have given to any question.

Your videos only exist within the ultra-secure Storyline Health system. Your videos will not stored on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

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If you would like to learn more about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) or would like to find help, here are a few nationwide resources for you to check out

COVID-19 Information

The Centers for Disease Control provides up to date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Suicide Prevention

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources

Mental Health Resources

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides information on treatment and research related to mental health